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Announcement Something special is happening on December 29th!

What's new
Hello everyone, we're pleased to announce that we will be improving a few things on the server.
  • The End - As it currently is, the End has been fully looted very quickly. To fix and prevent this from happening in the future, we will be resetting, expanding the border (currently 12,000 diameter circle and changing it to 24,000 by 24,000 square), and disabling flying and speed for the End for one week starting December 29th. We will also be resetting the End periodically at a still undetermined length of time. If you have any builds you want to save from the End, please let us know by replying with your in game name, discord name (if you have it), the location of your build, and the co-ordinates of the build. We are limiting this to ONE build per person.
  • The Nether - We will be increasing the world border to 24,000 by 24,000 square coming from our current 12,000 diameter circle.
  • The Overworld - We will be changing the current world shape from a 12,000 diameter circle to 12,000 by 12,000 square.
We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with friends and family, and thanks for continuing to support our server! Don't forget to reply to this thread if you want a build in the End saved before the reset on the 29th!