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[READ] Ban Appeal - FORMAT

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If you are reading this, then there's a high chance that you have been banned from our server.
Please follow the format below as it will speed up our decision regarding your appeal.

Ban Appeal Format
*Copy and Paste it into your own thread*

The server you were banned on (SMP/Discord):
Minecraft name:
Reason for your ban:
Who banned you:
Why should you be unbanned:
Why do you want to come back:
Do you take full responsibility for your actions:
X-Ray appeals must be written longer and putting a lot effort into it or else you be denied.

We are fairly forgiven to everyone so just take your time to appeal but you must use the format, be
honest and don't ask staffs to check your appeal. When we have the time to check on your appeal we
will have a look at it.
Not open for further replies.