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Rules MythicalFrost Rules

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Nov 13, 2018
Please, if you see anyone breaking any of the rules, bring it to one of the staff members attention, so that the problem can be addressed immediately and appropriately.

Rule 1 - No Griefing, Stealing, Trespassing, Intrusive Builds, or Player Traps.

Griefing isn't allowed under any circumstances.
• Stealing from other players is not allowed under any circumstances.
• Trespassing onto someone's property without their permission isn't allowed. If someone asks you to leave their property, please do so immediately or you will be forced to leave by a staff member.
• Do not destroy land or build within 100 blocks of another player land/builds, unless you have their permission to do so. You should always check the surrounding area before you plan to build there.
Player Traps are prohibited.

Rule 2 - No Hacking, Cheating, X-raying, Duplicating, or Glitching.

• Use of x-ray, ore-finder mods, texture packs, freecam or anything like it is prohibited.
• Speed, fly, Jesus, and other movement hacks aren't allowed.
• Aura, auto clickers, anti-knockback, or any other PvP or PvE hacks are not allowed.
• Exploitation of duplication glitches or in general is not allowed.

Rule 3 - Disrespecting, Impersonating, Swearing, and Ignoring

• Be respectful of other players and staff members.
• No racist/sexist comments, or talking back. Impersonating other players will result in a ban.
• We allow swearing on the server to a degree, but please keep it to a minimum, and don't swear at other players.
• Players that create any type of hateful messages in chat are subject to being kicked, muted, and for repeated offenders, banned.
• Do not, under any circumstance, ignore staff members.

Rule 4 - No Advertising.

• Do not advertise other server IP's, doing so will result in a permanent ban.

Rule 5 - No Scamming, Asking for Refunds, or Tricking Players.

• Scamming others isn't allowed.
• Do not ask for a refund after buying a donation rank. We have a no refund policy. Disobeying this rule will result in a permanent ban. If you have any other problems with your rank or transaction, please contact a staff member.
• Tricking other players isn't allowed.

Rule 6 - No Spamming, Using Caps, or Being Intentionally Annoying.

• Don't spam, or use caps over a line long. Entering multiple smaller messages in chat is still considered spamming, and will be treated as such.
• Try not to be annoying to staff members, or other players.

Rule 7 - No Drama, or Begging.

• Keep all of the drama out of our community, and be sure to avoid it, or you will be permanently banned. This is a no drama zone.
• Do not beg, or ask for ranks or items to be spawned in by admins.

Rule 8 - No Inappropriate Builds.

• No inappropriate builds. That includes swastikas, genitalia, or anything else that might be considered offensive.

Rule 9 - Redstone, Machine Builds, and AFK Pools, Mob Grinders, Grinder Warps

• If you're going to build something that uses any Redstone, please include an on/off button for it.
• Don't build massive machines that will cause server lag.
• AFK machines and fishing machines are allowed, but you must have an on/off switch.
• All types of mob grinders must have an on/off switch to avoid lag.
• Mob Grinders must have an on/off switch before you can purchase a warp to it.
Discord Rules

1. No posting server IP's or excessive spam/caps!

2. No inappropriate conversations or pictures!

3. Ask an admin for approval before posting any videos or links!

4. Use common sense and always respect others, be friendly!

5. You can swear but not at others! No sexual and/or racist comment!

6. Do not disrespect or harass anyone in voice chat, public chat, or private messaging.

7. Do not overuse the "@everyone" command in discord.

8. Do not post videos of any kind that have advertisement or inappropriate content into discord.

9. All Server rules apply.

10. Have Fun!
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