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Announcement MythcialFrost - Basic and VIP updates

Hello, first of all I want to Welcome to everyone to our new forum.

Players that are in love or wanting to partner up with someone in-game they can now get married. If you want to get married please contact a [Admin]+

- Marriage: $1,000 In-Game Money: That means you and your partner will be paying half which that is $500 In-Game Money.
- Divorce: $600 In-Game Money
- Marriage Sethome: $1,000 In-Game Money

You can now exchange exp to exp bottles but it will cost you $10 In-Game Money per bottle.

- /bottle get max [amount] or Max
* Exchange exp to exp bottles.

- /gmenu main: All VIPs has the permissions but unlocks different gadgets.
- /trails: All VIPs has the permissions but unlocks different trails.
- /fix: $1,000 In-Game Money and /fix all: $15,000 In-Game Money - VIP2 has the permission
- /skull: $1,000 In-Game Money - VIP3 has the permission