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Info Market Plots are now open for sale!

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Ever since we removed the admin shop from the server, trade between players has become more important than ever. We as staff would like to facilitate this by setting up an area for players to congregate to buy and sell items to other players. Players are still free to build their own shops in the survival world, this is just meant to be a place to facilitate trade. There are 26 plots that measure 16x16 and cost a one-time purchase of $1,000 in-game money, the same as you would pay to make a warp in the survival world. Within these plots, you are free to build what you want, as long as it doesn't break any of the below rules:
Rules for Market Plots​
1. No Littering. We want to keep the market area lag-free and have provided several disposal signs inside the entrance of the main market building for trash.
2. Lag-causing blocks, including but not limited to item frames, banners, beacons, and skull heads, must be limited to 16 (each) per plot.
3. Use Redstone sparingly. While smaller circuits such as a sorters or storage silos are fine, larger machines or any machine that may hurt player's performance are not allowed. This is not a place to farm!
4. Blocks that damage the player, including but not limited to lava, fire, cactus, and magma blocks, can not be used in any build at all.
5. Player Inactivity: In the case that there are no more available plots and there are claimed plots that are not being used (owned by players that have been inactive for 2 weeks , store is regularly out of stock, etc.), the admins reserve the right to unclaim these plots for the use of players that will use these plots to their full extent.
6. Reselling Items: If you see a person that is selling items for lower than what you are selling them for, don't buy their items for the sole purpose of stocking your shop. This is considered scamming!
7. Plots are non-refundable and non-transferable. Do not ask the staff to do either of these things!
8. All server rules still apply. See the full list of rules here: https://bit.ly/2QDrXg2
*These rules will also be posted inside the build itself, so there are no excuses for not knowing what these rules are!
**Breaking these rules will result in removal of your plot, and in more extreme cases a ban from the server.


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.