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Survival Adding shop items.

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New member
I know you've decided that adding a way to silk touch spawners was too op for semi-vanilla, but maybe you can make it possible for people to buy certain spawners, it wouldn't be that laggy with the new stacked mobs plugin. Obviously make the spawners a high price so you have to grind to get them. Also SLIMEBALLS and SLIMEBLOCKS are insanely hard to come across for some reason, maybe you guys can make a shop where you sell generic goods, rather than just allowing people to sell their goods. The player market is cool but, its also confusing because you have to search forever to find an item you want, especially for the lowest price. My ign is froggykyle1 if you have more questions for me about what ive been requesting.


Staff member
Hello, froggy we aren't going for a spawners or admin shop. That the point of semi-vanilla where everything is challenge. :) But thank you for suggestions.