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  1. Ace

    Lost all items;

    Thanks for the report, and I am aware of it as well. Your items have been restored.
  2. Ace

    Update March 24th Update - Punishment System

    Hello, we now officially have a punishment system where you guys can review the punishment logs - https://www.mythicalfrostmc.com/Bans/ Sorry to keep you all waiting, as I see the rank system didn't go according to plan but everything is all sorted and back to normal. Thank you for all your...
  3. Ace

    Update March 22nd Updates - System and Crates Update

    Your automatic farm won't be deactivated even if you are not near it.
  4. Ace

    Update March 22nd Updates - System and Crates Update

    The automatic farm should be on but you can not view the chunk area unless you get near it.
  5. Ace

    New update?

    All Updates will be posted here and on discord: https://www.mythicalfrostmc.com/forums/updates.17/
  6. Ace

    Update March 22nd Updates - System and Crates Update

    Hello, As you may all know that our system been having lag and smooth issues. We will be doing an update, it will take 30 minutes or less. Also just be aware that the view-distance is now 5 so that we can have things run smoothers. Also, Crates for survival are all set, so that means the vote...
  7. Ace

    Help please

    Hello, please make sure you use the ban format to appeal. https://www.mythicalfrostmc.com/threads/read-ban-appeal-format.2/ ~ Thanks :)
  8. Ace

    Update March 13th Update

    Update Logs: 1. Fishing Contest has been removed from due to a lot of glitches and bugs. 2. Adding a scoreboard and a fancy tab list to semi-vanilla survival. You can also toggle on/off the scoreboard: /fb toggle 3. SkyBlock and Creative - Coming Soon (No ETA and No Informations Yet) 4. Stay...
  9. Ace

    Cant connect ti the server

    There's an update currently going on. Keep an eye on our discord or on the forum's update category. :)
  10. Ace

    Update March 13th Update

    Hello, Everyone! We hope you all are doing well. Around today we will be doing an update for our system to fix the lag so everything can runs smoother. Also, we are going into a Network Community which means not just Semi-Vanilla Survival that we will have, but we will also have SkyBlock and...
  11. Ace

    Update March 1st, Update

    Hello, Everyone! I hope you all doing well. We added a trading feature where you can now trade items, exp, and money. But you need to be [Explorer] to have access to it. Also, auto-restart removed, because there was a lot of issues with it. But a new auto restart in progress to be developed...
  12. Ace

    Info Vote Links / Top Voters

    February 2019 Top Voters! Congratulations! 1st: Elle2 2nd: TheCrowPA 3rd: AkemixInoue Good Luck with March!
  13. Ace

    Heyaaa Im Back!

    Welcome Back!
  14. Ace

    Update Feb 23rd, Update

    Hello, Everyone! I hope all are doing well. We have updated our ranks and added some new permissions. Now each vote rank will receive 1 extra /sethome and 1 extra player vault. Also, some new permissions have been added to our Sorcerer and Advanced Ranks. You can go check out our ranks at /warp...
  15. Ace

    Info MythicalFrost Semi-Vanilla Survival Guide

    MythicalFrost Semi-Vanilla Survival Guide All our info about semi-vanilla survival will be here! But if you have a question don't hesitate to ask a staff member for help. We will be happy to help you out. Want to learn how to protect your land from griefers? Go check out /warp protect in-game...
  16. Ace

    A few suggestions.

    We will look a few of your suggestion but thank you.
  17. Ace

    Approve Ban Appeal

    Hello, alright I will unban you but when you come back in please be sure to follow the rules at /rules. Welcome Back!
  18. Ace

    Update Store Update

    Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. So just a heads up our store has been updated. VIP4 and VIP5 are finally back with brand things. To players who previously had a VIP4 and VIP5 rank before contact a [Admin]+ so we can confirm it and added it back to you. Go check out our store...
  19. Ace

    I voted 6 times, and only 5 votes are up

    I believe the link itself it's broken currently as I am confirming it. Give it until tomorrow to see If they will fix it.
  20. Ace

    I voted 6 times, and only 5 votes are up

    Strange try voting there again because it should work.