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New member
The server you were banned on (Survival/Discord): Survival
Minecraft name: teddybewr
Reason for your ban: accidental spam
Date that you were banned: 9/22/2019
Who banned you: the server?
Why should you be unbanned: because it wasn't my whole fault. someone stole my horse right in front of my eyes by poepdiepie, and just left and I was spamming, freaking out, trying to get it back. I have screenshots and witnesses of this event.
Why do you want to come back: because I didn't mean to do this. because i have lots of friends that i care for dearly, and I truly enjoy the server, and I have lots of fun.
Do you take full responsibility for your actions: no



Active member
Staff member
Hello teddybewr, Yep it said the server banned you for spamming. Spamming isn't allowed on the server either it's a rule that enforced to keep the chat clean. But can you promise me that you would not spam again?

Next time if a player steals something from you just be sure to report it to a staff member and I would recommend you to claim your builds and mob farms next time.


New member
Thank you. And yes, I wont spam next time, I was just freaking out at the time bc I was in shock, my apologies. At the time it was unclaimed bc I had j u s t finished building it. I will when I get back on