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Approve Ban Appeal

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New member
The server you were banned on (Survival/Discord): Survival

Minecraft name: Rafrasan

Reason for your ban: Griefing

Date that you were banned: 9/13/19

Who banned you: Elle

Why should you be unbanned: What I did was absolutely stupid and uncalled for, there honestly was no reason for me to do what I did and I absolutely regret playing around like that.

Why do you want to come back: I would like to come back because this is the servers my friends play on and this is the only server I can actually have some fun in, and would love to get back into it.

Do you take full responsibility for your actions: Yes


New member
Staff member
Please do not modify any builds that do not belong to you. Read /rules when you get back and make sure to ask for any needed clarification. Your appeal is accepted and the ban will be lifted. Welcome back.