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The server you were banned on (Survival/Discord):Survival

Minecraft name:THEawsomgrunt

Reason for your ban:X-Ray

Date that you were banned:Sept.14.2019

Who banned you: ProfDWard

Why should you be unbanned:I am sorry for x-raying. I like this sever and the people on it, I payed for VIP-4 to prove to you that I liked it. I totally understand if I don't get unbanned, but I would really like to talk to my friends again and finish building my church.

Why do you want to come back: This is the only server I play on and the only server I have actually gamer friends on

Do you take full responsibility for your actions:Yes, what I did was dumb and I should not have done it, just to clear things up though, I only used it for nether quartz. That doesn't excuse my actions though, and I take full responsibility.
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Glad to see that you believe that x-raying is wrong and that you take full responsibility for your actions. I hope to not catch you doing this again on MythicalFrost. Appeal accepted, welcome back to the server.