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Approve Ban Appeal

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New member
The server you were banned on (Survival/Discord): Survival On Pc

Minecraft name: SamAdams2000

Reason for your ban: Griefing

Date that you were banned: 13/09/19

Who banned you: Elle

Why should you be unbanned: I thought the villagers were free to take, but didnt realise that i had broken the system, and taken the wrong villagers. When i realised, i instantly reported to whoevers place it was at /warp iron

Why do you want to come back: I made a good base and enjoy playing on the server, and i know i wont make the mistake again

Do you take full responsibility for your actions: Yes


New member
Staff member
I believe there are (sometimes) villagers up for grabs, but remember that it would not require you to modify or break any blocks--if you have to break anything, that should mean that it's off limits (unless explicitly given permission to do so by the builder/owner).

You modified blocks in more than one area; however, you did '"report" it to an extent in saying that it was "broken/not working" (although without having admitted liability at that time), and at least owning up to it now, so I will approve your appeal and lift the ban.

Please ensure to read /rules again and ask if you have any questions. Welcome back to the server.