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Survival A Format for Reporting Players

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I know there is already a subforum for Reporting Players but, from what I can tell, it is rarely used and has no set format so I recommend that there be a set format for reporting players, whether that's on the forum or Discord. It could go something like this -

IGN of reported player:
IGN of reporting player(probably not necessary but possibly?):
Reason for reporting:
Evidence (if available):

That's the format that used to be use on a server I staffed on some years ago and it saw some decent use so it could be a good idea to do something with. Obviously this would be best if there are no staff on at that particular moment and it would, hopefully help prevent people from spamming chat with complaints about people when there is no one on.

And if the format isn't something you like, then I recommend at least making it more known that there is a Report a Player subforum because I would probably have never known if this idea hadn't occurred to me and I looked for it. Anyways, it's an idea worth thinking about hopefully?

best wishes,