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Update 9/13/2019 Minor Update

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Hello Everyone,
I hope you are doing well.

We're adding a few things back that were stabled and it wouldn't affect semi-vanilla so don't worry. Being careful and testing through things just to let you all know.

- Time (TIPS: you can vote for day time if you don't want the phantoms to bother you ;) )and Weather Vote (Supports the economic system - Only [Apprentiece]+ can use it and Vote Cost: $500 In-Game Money)
- Lottery (Supports the economic system: $100 for a ticket)
- Vote Party (Pinata will be spawned at spawn with rare loots. We are starting out with 500 Votes as it was previously 300 Votes)
- Custom Pet Blocks ([Master]+ will have access to use custom pet blocks)
- Tab will become fancy again
- VIP3+ (New pets added - Halloween, TeddyBear, and Dragon pets from /mpet)