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Update 8/7/2019

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8/7/2019 Update Logs:

We are removing a few things that is no longer supported and to help us to perform 1.14.4 better.

- Removing /repair from VIP2 and /skull from VIP3. (We will be looking into replacing those 2 commands.)
- Disabling Bold, Underline, or any magic formatting for chatcolor /chc color (It's messy in chat)
- Removing the VIP tags (If you wish to have a VIP suffix in front of your name, let a staff member know)
- Removing Pinata Party (Since it doesn't work out that well with 1.14.4)
- Removing PetBlock (Since it doesn't work out that well with 1.14.4)

I know we have been doing quite some changes, we usually don't do any changes unless there's a good reason or we need too, but we are doing it so we can bring our community a better performance. But if you have any idea's, please feel free to suggest in the suggestions categories.