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Announcement Holidays Sale and Slot & Bundles - 2018

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Happy Holidays!

Come check out our store! There is a holidays sale!

Go check out /warp slots we have added a holidays slot! You need 6 tokens to roll it. There goodies in the shulker boxes.

Event MythicalFrost - Winter & Secret Santa Event 2018

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Happy Holidays!
This time of year is the holiday seasons and that means Christmas is just around the corner. Which that means MythicalFrost will be hosting a Christmas Event and Secret Santa around this time of the year.

What is Secret Santa?
A person who gives a Christmas present to another anonymously as...

Announcement Market Plots are now open for sale!

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Ever since we removed the admin shop from the server, trade between players has become more important than ever. We as staff would like to facilitate this by setting up an area for players to congregate to buy and sell items to other players. Players are still free to build their own shops in the survival world, this is just meant to be a place to facilitate trade. There are 26 plots that measure 16x16 and cost a one-time purchase of $1,000 in-game money, the same as you would pay to make a warp in the survival world. Within these plots, you are free to build what you want, as long as it doesn't break any of the below rules:
Rules for Market Plots​
1. No Littering. We want to keep the market area lag-free and have provided several disposal signs inside the entrance of the main market building for trash.
2. Lag-causing blocks, including but not limited to item frames, banners, beacons, and skull heads, must be limited to 16 (each) per plot.
3. Use Redstone sparingly...

Announcement MythicalFrost Official Discord

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We now have a MythicalFrost Official Discord with much better updates and improvements. In order to join our discord, you must be in-game to be in order to join our discord community. Your Minecraft account will be connected with your discord account as well your Minecraft In-Game Name will be the same on your discord account.

Video Tutorial

How to join our discord?
#1. You must log in to our server.
#2. Type /discord then click on the invitation link.
#3. Type /discord link
a. It will give you a 4 digit code to link your Minecraft account to your discord.
b. Type the 4 digit code to our MythicalFrost...

Announcement MythicalFrost - Chat Reaction and Slot Machines

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Chat Reaction
Recently chat reaction was added back with over 100+ words.

Also we now have slot machines where you can play with slot machine and receive amazing buildings blocks or goodies.
In order to get the ticket you must /vote - Per vote you will get 1x ticket.

In order t

Go check out /warp slots

Announcement MythcialFrost - Basic and VIP updates

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Hello, first of all I want to Welcome to everyone to our new forum.

Players that are in love or wanting to partner up with someone in-game they can now get married. If you want to get married please contact a [Admin]+

- Marriage: $1,000 In-Game Money: That means you and your partner will be paying half which that is $500 In-Game Money.
- Divorce: $600 In-Game Money
- Marriage Sethome: $1,000 In-Game Money

You can now exchange exp to exp bottles but it will cost you $10 In-Game Money per bottle.

- /bottle get max [amount] or Max
* Exchange exp to exp bottles.

- /gmenu main: All VIPs has the permissions but unlocks different gadgets.
- /trails...